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Mobile X: Competitive Prices for Used iPhones

Selling your iPhone? Look no further than Mobile X. Get the best price and a hassle-free experience at our Dearborn store. We buy back iPhones, Samsung, Apple Watches, iPads, MacBooks, and more. Quick payment guaranteed!

Why Choose Mobile X for Selling Your Device?

Discover why Mobile X stands out as your top destination for selling your old or used iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, or Samsung phone. We provide a safe, secure, and convenient selling experience, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish.

Our streamlined process begins with getting an estimate for your phone on our website, followed by a quick drop-off at our location and receiving payment within 5 minutes. We take immense pride in our reputation as a reliable and professional mobile phone buyer in Dearborn, offering a wide range of services to make selling your iPhone easy and stress-free.

With a dedicated team assisting you every step of the way, including selling MacBook Air in Detroit, our experts ensure a seamless process, handling all the details so you can relax. Our secure payment system guarantees safe transactions using Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Venmo.

Whether you’re selling your iPhone for cash or another device, Mobile X is your ideal choice. Don’t hesitate—call us today, and we’ll ensure you get paid promptly. With unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service, our streamlined process and detailed listing guidelines ensure your device is sold quickly and efficiently.

Selling your old or used iPhone or iPad may seem daunting, but Mobile X makes it easy. Experience the difference when you choose Mobile X for selling your device.

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Amanda GeorgeGoogle review
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A few days back, I visited there for my iPhone repair. The tech in here is very knowledgeable! He took a reasonable price lower than I quoted which he didn't have to. Reasonable prices, warranty, and quality service. I will be back again if needed!
Chris ReevesGoogle review
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It was pretty tough to find any shop that was selling iPhones near me. One day their service appeared on my screen while searching in Google. I'm so satisfied with their service. Highly recommended!
Will cannonGoogle review
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Mobile X is the best place to sell new or used phones. I had an iphone 13 which i got as a gift and had no use for it. I went there and sold it. Very easy process. Highly recommend this place for selling your stuff!
Mohamed IsmailGoogle review
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Mobile X buyback king is where to sell your iPhone quickly. I sold my phone and got paid fast. Excellent and easy way to sell used phones locally.
James HolmesGoogle review
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I visited there for my iPhone repair. Mobile X is indeed very professional with their service. They fixed my cracked iPhone perfectly. I'm so happy to see my iPhone recovered back!
Aaron RossGoogle review
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I urgently needed cash and I had no choice but to sell my phone for cash immediately. A friend recommended them. It was a great deal. I'm so glad.

Frequently asked questions

About MobileX buys your old electronics nearby. We offer a simple way for you to sell your unwanted electronics without the hassle of auctions.

We understand if you’re hesitant about sending us your items. However, at MOBILEXPHONE, nothing is more important to us than ensuring an exceptional experience for our customers. Building trust and delivering value are our top priorities.

Rest assured that we value the trust you place in our business. We are committed to providing secure and timely service. We’ve invested significant time and effort into developing and organizing our website to be user-friendly and offer competitive prices for your electronics.

It’s crucial for us to honor our promises and maintain your trust. We take pride in delivering on our commitments and providing a reliable service to our customers.

Evaluation Process

We check your electronics carefully. First, we make sure the model you chose matches the device you sent. Then, we look at its physical condition for scratches or dents. We check if it’s real and not fake, and if it’s been tampered with. We also test for water damage and check the battery. We remove any passwords and erase personal info. If everything matches, we pay you as agreed. If not, we might offer a different price or return your item. At MOBILEXPHONE, we always give you the best value.

You don’t have to include your SIM card for evaluation. Please take it out before sending the phone. If you forget, it’s okay, we’ll handle the SIM card during our evaluation.

An “unlocked” phone isn’t tied to any specific carrier, and we offer higher payouts for such devices. You can request your carrier to unlock your phone before submitting it, enhancing its value. Simply reach out to your carrier to inquire about unlocking your phone.

If you don’t agree with the price we offer for your phone, you can ask for a second look. Another person will check your phone again to see if they agree with the first price or if they can offer more.


We have five ways to pay you: Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle, and Venmo. When you visit our store, just tell us which one you prefer.


No worries! Just pick the condition that you think fits best. After we get your item(s), we’ll check it and change the offer if needed. Just remember, the final price might be more or less than what we initially said.

There’s no limit! You can sell as many items as you’d like. But if you’re selling 10 or more at once, please get in touch with us before making an offer. Bulk sales need final approval and may be canceled for any reason.

Absolutely. We ensure that every item brought to our office undergoes thorough data wiping according to NIST standards.

Typically, you can find the model number of most items in the “About” section within your device’s settings. Alternatively, your previous cellular carrier often provides this information upon request.

We’re specifically interested in the selected items; there’s no need to include any accessories.

Your SIM card isn’t necessary for the evaluation of your item. Please remember to take out your SIM card before sending us the phone. If you forget, rest assured, we’ll handle the disposal of your SIM card during our evaluation process.